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Cultivated With Purpose

Our mushrooms are grown naturally on straw and oats, giving them a rich, wild-foraged flavor. After we harvest, the spent straw is becomes a valuable compost and mulch for local farms, completing the nutrient cycle in California. With every order, you're supporting a community-driven network of local farmers practicing regenerative agriculture.

Meet Your Farmer

I started Big Boy Mushrooms in 2020 after falling in love with mycology and recognizing the potential fungi have to rebuild our agriculture industry from the ground up. Big farms have done a great job at feeding our growing population, but it's time we take a step back to find better solutions at the local scale.

Fungi are the foundation upon which the circle of life is built, but are missing from our food pyramid because they don't fit into conventional farming practices. It's going to take new production and distribution models centered around urban farmers to make the change to a more sustainable, health-focused industry.


Brandon Burkhouse

Owner & Cultivator



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