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Regenerating Soil Starts With Fungi

Big Boy Mushrooms began with a focus on sustainability and is one small part of a much larger regenerative agricultural movement. Just as fungi intertwine with the roots of plants to provide water and nutrients, the compost made by these mushrooms is provided to local urban farms to help with water retention and feed crops. This natural cycle closes our food loop by diverting waste from large Northern California farms to grow sustainable, nutritiously dense foods while healing our soil.


The mushroom farm consists of a home lab, a straw preparation area, and several greenhouses that are insulated against against weather extremes. All grow rooms have filtered air intakes and are sanitized weekly. These super-clean gourmet mushrooms need no rinsing and can be stored in the refrigerator for 10-14 days in their paper bags.

If you're a chef or restaurant owner, please call me, Brandon at (916) 579-3020, for a sample


Growing with Purpose

Big Boy Mushrooms is a passion project and an expression of my awe for the incredible nature of fungi. Every harvest is prepared in small batches with locally sourced straw and alfalfa. These grasses are chopped and mixed before being cleaned and pasteurized in barrels, then inoculated with grain spawn from the lab. Other growers use sawdust for their mushrooms, which doesn't match the richness of flavor in these naturally contrarian fungi.



If you need some inspiration, check out the recipe blog! We're always trying new ideas and sharing the best below, just please excuse the lack of attention it gets while we're expanding the farm!

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