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Big Boy Mushrooms Home Grow Kit

Welcome to Sacramento mycology!


Growing oyster mushrooms at home is an exciting journey and a great way to learn how to grow your own food. Your Home Grow Kit is made entirely of wheat straw, alfalfa, and inoculated oats - no junk!

There are so many different ways to grow mushrooms, but you may want to these instructions if you are just starting out. 

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Q. What's the white stuff in the bag?

A. That's the fungus itself, made of billions of hyphae which have created a network that allows them to act as a single organism. It's searching for light and oxygen to know where to form mushrooms!

Q. Why am I cutting the filter patch off?

A. The filter patch is where the fungus is currently getting the most oxygen, so it's a good idea to use it as a marker for where to cut. You can also cut an X into the front of the bag, but be sure to tape the top down flat.

Q. What if I see growth on the side of the kit?

A. If you notice your grow kit forming pins on the side before you open it, it's good to cut a hole around them and tape the top down flat to prevent additional pins from forming elsewhere. If you've already prepared your grow kit, ignore any additional growth and it will focus on the area you exposed to oxygen.

Q. How often should I be watering?

A. It's ideal to water your grow kit 5-10 times a day. It may benefit Phoenix and Pink Oysters to lightly mist them even more frequently, but you should never water them if they already appear to be saturated.

Q. Where do I water?

A. When you first prepare your grow kit, you should water the straw where you exposed it to oxygen.

Once pins form, start spraying the mushrooms directly. You do not need to water the straw at this point.

Q. When do I harvest?

A. Your mushrooms will have the best texture and most flavor when they are about the size of a small head of cabbage. To get the most yield out of your grow kit, give them another 1-3 days; but be sure to harvest them if you notice the cap margins beginning to curl up. This indicates the mushroom has reached full maturity and should be harvested immediately before it releases its spores.

Q. How do I harvest and store the mushrooms?

A. Harvest the mushrooms by grabbing them at the base and twisting or rocking the cluster side to side. The cluster may separate, this is fine. They can be stored in natural paper packaging, like a brown lunch bag or a clean paper grocery bag. They will keep in the fridge for 7-10 days.

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